Stop the Cycles: Emotional Health Tools for Your Heart.

You Make Sense

Using validation and compassion to set the stage for peace and clarity to take the first step to healing.

Safety is Available

Finding resources and tools that help hearts feel “more safe” for the healing journey.

Strong Messy Hearts

Recognizing no one is perfect, including ourselves and repair and ownership are part of the lifelong journey.

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About Rebecca

For the last several years Rebecca has been on a healing journey of her own heart. It weaves in and out of so much pain, and yet so much happiness. It was her own broken relationships and lack of care and resources from the institution of the church, that drew her towards a missing piece, emotional health. Learning how God made us and how our bodies are created to protect us and heal us opened the door to her becoming a certified emotional health consultant.

If you are struggling with disappointment with God, feeling emotionally unstable, have broken relationships or just lack direction; connecting with your heart can be the first step to breaking the cycles.

Heart Focuses

Young Hearts

In Your 20’s?

Being a young adult is HARD! The pressures to perform, look good and be “all you can be” are exhausting. Not to mention the abuse, bullying, and broken family systems that pile on the HARD. Looking at all the puzzle pieces can be overwhelming but with some resources and tools, you can start to see the whole picture, and trust me it’s BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL!

Mama’s Hearts

Struggling w/ Motherhood?

Babies, toddlers, teens and adults…every stage has it’s highs and lows. As a mother of two adult sons, it has been a crazy ride and I don’t even like rollercoasters. Finding the balance of common life and meeting everyone’s needs, all the while taking care YOU, can be challenging to say the least. Finding a safe place for your heart to process, will only create safe places for your own children’s hearts too. Take the first step, and watch your healing and joy spill over into your story and your children’s too. 


Church Hurt

Saved but Lonely?

Your faith in Christ is still in tack, but the institution and inconsistency in leadership and ongoing abuse in the church has left you saved, but broken and lonely. With a lack of tools, and closed minds to therapy, the 20th century church focuses on “revival” which offers emotional highs but results in “behavior modification” without long term transformation. Begin to understand how you are made, connect with the compassion of Christ and experience a life abundant again. 

Here for You

It’s time to be brave and time to have hope again. Use this form to start your journey. I can’t wait to meet you.

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