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What is Emotional Consulting?

Emotional Consulting is an emotionally focused practice designed to empower clients to become more emotional aware through the use of helping the client tune into their physical and emotional self.


Are you faith based?

As a Christian, my desire has been to experience emotional health through the lenses of my faith. In saying that, emotional health is not faith based. Emotional wellness or well-being is an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of feelings and an ability to manage effectively through times of change or challenge. All services can be rendered with or without a faith lens as it is based on brain science and nervous system resources.


Is this like therapy?

No, this is not therapy. It may feel like therapy but it is not. Therapists, or mental health professionals, are trained to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. They provide a safe space to explore past traumas, emotional challenges, and psychological issues.


Are you professionally trained?

Yes! I have been doing courses for the last 2 years and now am working towards a certification with LCMC a Life Consulting Master Class out of Redding, California. It started as a personal healing journey, but the freedom and transformation I found and my family found, lead me into making it a career.