Heart Focuses

You Make Sense

Using validation and compassion to set the stage for peace and clarity to take the first step to healing.

Safety is Available

Finding resources and tools that help hearts feel “more safe” for the healing journey.

Strong Messy Hearts

Recognizing no one is perfect, including ourselves and repair and ownership are part of the lifelong journey.

Emotional Health Service Offerings

Free Consultation

No Cost

New to Emotional Consulting? Wondering if this is a fit for you? The 30 min Free Consultation will ensure you feel comfortable and educated. After doing a short onboarding to ensure your time is well spent, a 30 minute video call will be booked. 

This 30 minutes will be exploratory in nature, but also hope to have you leave with a resource that will aid in your emotional health in the future. 

  • Fill in the onboarding questionnaire
  • Book a 30 Min Video Time Slot
  • Meet with Rebecca 1on1
  • Complete a 2 min Feedback Form
  • Receive a follow up email from Rebecca including personal insights and recommendations.
  • No Obligation Consultation

6 Week Resource Toolbox


Sometimes we just feel lost along the way. Without knowing how you are made, and how your past has affected your now, the journey can be hard and overwhelming. 

This 6 week offering creates space for you to explore your heart and find out what it needs. Using personalized resources, that fit your heart and soul perfectly, your emotional health toolbox will begin to be filled with tools that will lead your heart into safety and cause your soul to prosper. 

  • Week 1 – Onboarding and 1on1
  • Week 2 – Resource
  • Week 3 – Safety 
  • Week 4 – Past, Present & Future
  • Week 5 – Gratitude 
  • Week 6 – Celebration

Emotional Health Consulting

$65/session (new client rates) 

The journey is EVERYTHING and yet we are always longing to arrive! Unfortunately that is not how life works, and this journey is filled with broken people with broken hearts, including ourselves.

In these sessions we let your heart lead, while using techniques to ground and settle your soul so we can find the way. Each week you are met with compassion for your pain and space to feel and process which creates the next step on the journey towards wholeness and healing.

  • In Person or Virtual
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly
  • Compassion without Judgement
  • Resource and Safety Focused
  • Homework Available
  • References Available for trauma care

Here for You

It’s time to be brave and time to have hope again. Use this form to start your journey. I can’t wait to meet you.

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